Director、Deputy Director

Director, Akio Baba

Dean, School of Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Deputy Director, Shinsuke Yamanaka
Professor, School of Engineering, Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering 

Project Faculty

Professor, Shuji Kurimoto
Sociology, Forestry
Associate Professor, Keishiro Hara
Urban Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management 
Assistant Professor, Michinori Uwasu
Environmental Economics, Sustainability Education

Visiting Faculty

Visiting Professor, Hideki Kobayashi
Toshiba Corporation, Life-cycle engineering
Assistant Professor, Terukazu Kumazawa
Ritsumeikan University, Sustainability Ontology


Operational Committee

Satoshi Kinsui
Director, Communication Design Center
Noriko Okubo
Professor, School of Law
Kanemi Ban
Professor, School of Economics
Yasushi Umeda
(In charge of the Research section)
Professor, School of Engineering
Yoshiyuki Shimoda
(In charge of the low-carbon campus section)
Professor, School of Engineering
Yasutsugu Nitta
Professor, School of Engineering
Akihiro Tokai
(In charge of the Education section)
Professor, School of Engineering
Seiji Taya
Professor, School of Science Engineering
Riichiro Mizoguchi
Professor, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
tatsuyoshi Saijo
Professor, Social and Economic Research Institute
Katsuyoshi Kondo
Professor, Joining and Welding Research Institute
Yasuo Takahashi
(in charge of the Liaison section)
Professor, Center for Advanced Science and Innovation
Hideyo Kurimoto
Director, Global Collaboration Center





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