Sustainability Design Center at Osaka University was changed to Center of Environmental Innovation Design for Sustainability (CEIDS), Osaka Univeristy as of Oct 2010. CEIDS Home page is here.

What's New

Intensive Seminar "Frontiers of Sustainability Science 2010" will be held on Oct. 30, Nov. 06, and Nov 13. We are calling for interested students to join this seminar. Tentative Program
How to apply: Please send an email to no later than Oct. 29, 2010

2nd SDC Seminar is held in July 28, 2010. More information Here 2010.07.15
SDC conducts study tour to UNEP/IETC on July 15. More infomation Here 2010.06.21
1st SDC Seminar is held in July 2, 2010. More information Here 2010.06.03
2010 Sustainability Science Education Program Starts! More Information Here 2010.4

IR3S Joint Program Core Course "Frontier of Sustainability Science" Offered. More Information Here



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